How to complete the Fortnite Thor challenges and find Thor’s hammer

How to complete the Fortnite Thor challenges and find Thor’s hammer

Thor is one of many Marvel characters to feature in the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 battle pass. The Fortnite Thor challenges allow you to unlock various Thor cosmetics. This includes a glider, a spray, the God of Thunder emote, and much more. In addition, you are able to unlock the highly anticipated Thor hammer which can be used as a pickaxe. There are a variety of other challenges to complete such as the She-Hulk and Groot challenges.

Discover the power of Thor’s hammer

Before you can begin the Thor awakening challenges, you have to complete the Mjolnir challenge. This is quite a simple challenge which requires you to locate Thor’s hammer. The hammer can be found in the crater, south of Salty Springs. Make sure you equip the Thor skin and hammer from your locker as it will be needed later.

The first Fortnite Thor challenge requires you to visit the Bifrost rune marks. You may already be familiar with these. If not, you will find them on a hill which is to the east of Weeping Woods, next to a small log cabin. Once you approach the rune marks, the challenge will be marked as complete.

Next, you have to deal a total of 100 damage with the Mjolnir pickaxe, best known as Thor’s hammer. The easiest way to complete this is to eliminate an enemy player with a regular weapon. Then, you should proceed to use Thor’s hammer to deal damage to the knocked player. However, it may take more than one elimination to complete the challenge if the enemy is badly wounded or left knocked for a while.

The third and final challenge is to emote at the mountain top ruins. You will discover the snowy mountain top to the South of Misty Meadows. Once you reach the top and emote in front of the stone ruins, the Fortnite Thor challenges will be completed. Now you can take your new Thor cosmetics into battle.