Hunt: Showdown 1.5 update delayed into 2021 as Crytek teases more

Hunt: Showdown 1.5 update delayed into 2021 as Crytek teases more

If you are looking for more scares and action in the world of Hunt: Showdown, there is some bad news coming out from developer Crytek. It seems that the content that was originally planned for 2020 is no longer coming. Instead, the upcoming Hunt: Showdown 1.5 update has been delayed into 2021. However, all is not lost. The horror shooter will still get a little new content before we end the year.

Crytek explained itself that 2020 has not exactly been smooth sailing for development via a news update. The Hunt: Showdown update was supposed to bring a new boss as well as custom ammo types, but alas, that work will have to continue into the new year. While we won’t have the major updates to look forward to, Crytek is providing some reprieve. The rest of the changes and features for the Hunt: Showdown update 1.5 will still come in 2020 as part of Update 1.4.8.

Staggered delivery

While the studio teased some of the things to come via images, there are some actual changes coming. A new type of loot will be hidden around the map for players to find. New weapon variants will also arrive, alongside watch towers and Legendaries. Of course, there will also be gameplay improvements across the board. Crytek is also teasing a few other surprises, but that is news for another time.

Hunt Showdown 1.5 Update Delayed Into 2021 As Crytek Teases More (2)

A Hunt Dev Stream will take place on Twitch in the near future, with the date undecided as of yet. We can expect even more news about Hunt: Showdown update 1.5 and beyond during the live stream.

The Hunt: Showdown 1.5 update is just one in a long line of updates for the game. Since moving out of Early Access in February, the game has undergone some major changes. A single-player mode was added back in June, while a spectate feature is currently being tested.