Hyper Scape will get cross-play this week, but it is bad news for PC players

Hyper Scape will get cross-play this week, but it is bad news for PC players

Hyper Scape Season 2 is well underway. So far, Ubisoft has added a variety of new content to the game such as new games modes with team deathmatch, ranked play, and more. One highly anticipated feature of the battle royale is cross-play. The addition of cross-play in a variety of games has proved to be a hit as it allows you to play with friends on other platforms. Ahead of its release, Ubisoft has provided more details on how it will work. Hyper Scape cross-play set to roll out on December 10.

In a post made on the Hyper Scape official Reddit, a developer states that cross-play will reduce the time it takes to find a lobby. Ultimately, this is good news for everyone. If you are playing Hyper Scape on console, you will automatically be grouped together in the matchmaking process. Also, you will be able to find your friends through Ubisoft Connect and your console will appear in the social menu. Currently, PC players will not experience cross-play in the same way, and there will be PC only lobbies. Although PC players will not be put into the combined matchmaking group, PC and console can still play together in a squad. Any squad which has at least one PC player on their team will be placed in the PC only lobbies. The developers argue that this will make the matches fair for all players.

Ubisoft is working on allowing PC players into the general matchmaking pool, along with consoles. It is unknown when this feature will arrive, but it has been described as a top priority. The lack of PC cross-play may be disappointing for some players who hoped for a better experience.

Even more content to come beyond cross-play

Hyper Scape cross-play is one of the game’s most anticipated features. Ubisoft will be rolling out more improvements that have been outlined on Reddit. You will notice improvements in game modes such as Arcadium, which will allow you to play as a squad. In addition, team deathmatch will have random map rotations, with an increased kill cap, for example.

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