I was waiting for a Prince, But I need a Princess:  Rebel Wilson made a coming out

I was waiting for a Prince, But I need a Princess: Rebel Wilson made a coming out

In 2021, Rebel Wilson broke up with billionaire Jacob Bush. After that, a pause began in the actress’s personal life, and she herself entirely concentrated on losing weight, managing to lose about 35 kilograms.

In mid-May of this year, the star admitted that her heart was busy again. Her love, as the celebrity claimed, she met at a friend’s house.

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Fans were eagerly waiting for Rebel to introduce her boyfriend to them. And the other day, Wilson nevertheless decided to reveal exactly who she is in a relationship with, but this greatly stunned the fans. The actress published a joint picture with designer Ramona Agrum.

“I thought I was waiting for a Disney prince… But maybe all this time I needed a Disney princess,” the celebrity wrote, accompanying her post with a heart emoji.

Shortly after this came out, a close friend of the actress gave an interview to People reporters. He stressed that he had never seen Wilson so happy.

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Interestingly, the lovers managed to hide their relationship for several months. The paparazzi often noticed them together on walks. However, Ramona seems very closed – even the designer chose to hide her page on social networks from Internet users.

Although, perhaps, she expected an influx of ill-wishers after Rebel came out. In a previous post, In 2020, Rebel Wilson began dating billionaire Jacob Bush. However, this relationship lasted only a year.

At first, journalists found out about the couple’s breakup, and soon the artist confirmed the split with her boyfriend by posting a picture on social networks with the tag “free girl.” However, Rebel did not stay alone for too long.

The other day, the actress, who managed to lose 35 kilograms, spoke in a podcast about how her heart is busy again. “Now I am happy in a new relationship. I met my boyfriend at a friend’s house,” Wilson admitted.

According to the artist, a friend had known them both for about five years and decided that they could make a great couple. Such matchmaking, according to Rebel, is much better for girls than dating apps.