Immortals Fenyx Rising trailer debuts at Ubisoft Forward

Immortals Fenyx Rising trailer debuts at Ubisoft Forward

Today during the Ubisoft Forward livestream event we got our first look at the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters with the first Immortals Fenyx Rising trailer. We got word at the end of last month that the game would be undergoing a title change, and it looks like that information was spot on. Players will play as Fenyx, the hero of the Gods, to protect the world from Typhon, the strongest of the Titans.

Right after the Immortals Fenyx Rising trailer, we got a look at some of the basic gameplay elements that players will encounter during the game. Fenyx will be completely customizable and the world will be filled with unique pieces of weapon and armor that players can find and equip.

Players will also have access to several abilities granted by the gods, including the wings of Daedalus and Hephaestus’ hammer. You will also be able to upgrade Fenyx’s stats, like her stamina, by uncovering items like Zeus’ lightning bolts in secret dungeons. From the looks of this Immortals Fenyx Rising trailer, it appears that loot will have a heavy presence in the game’s very Breath of the Wild style open world.

Rescue the Gods, save the world

After the show we got to see some more gameplay with Fenyx fighting a minotaur by dodging and using her avian companion, Phosphorus, to firebomb the creature. There will be plenty of dungeons for players to explore and acquire coins of Charon, which can be used to buy new skills and abilities.

We also get to see a fast travel option as Fenyx travels to the Hall of the Gods. This is the game’s hub world, where all those items and coins can be used to power herself up and purchase upgrades. The gameplay showcase ended with Fenyx facing off against a corrupted robot originally built by Hephaestus.

This first Immortals Fenyx Rising trailer lets us know that the game will release on December 3 via Uplay on PC. It will also have a demo exclusive to Google Stadia sometime later this year. Which we kind of already knew about since a very early demo build of the game was leaked a few months ago back when the game was still called Gods & Monsters and looked very different.