Impressive Fallout: London fan mod gets an announcement trailer and a 2023 release window

Impressive Fallout: London fan mod gets an announcement trailer and a 2023 release window

Bethesda may release less-than-polished games regularly and apparently adopt some questionable business practices, but it has fostered a healthy modding scene at the very least. Whenever a new Bethesda game arrives, you can count on modders to improve the experience substantially with bug fixes and additional content. Every so often, a mod comes out and provides players with a staggering amount of new content that boasts AAA-level production values. That description definitely applies to Fallout: London, an upcoming mod of Fallout 4 that adds a DLC expansion’s worth of content to the base game. You can see the sheer amount of work put into Fallout: London by checking out the recently uploaded announcement trailer.

Clocking in at over four minutes long, the Fallout: London trailer mostly shows sweeping shots of an impressively detailed post-apocalyptic London. This footage reveals a few NPCs that players can expect to see in the expansion, including a tree-like being and some hat-wearing robots. After the trailer reveals the 2023 release window, though, it starts depicting brief snippets of action. You can watch as the player character squares off against all sorts of foes, including zombies, medieval knights, and weaponized elephants.

Expanding the Fallout universe

Notably, Fallout: London marks a fairly significant departure from previous installments in that it takes place outside of the United States. According to the trailer description, the modders have used this opportunity “to explore totally new cultures” and delve specifically into “pre-war European history.”

Additionally, the trailer description explains that Fallout: London “boldly envisions a new worldspace with new faction, threats, rich writing and celebrity guest voice actors.” All of this almost sounds too good to be true, which should make the prospect of playing the mod incredibly exciting for fans. If you wish to see more than what the trailer showed, then you can take a look at the official ‘extended mastercut,’ which contains a whopping 12 minutes of footage.