Infinity Ward remove vehicles from Call of Duty: Warzone following an exploit

Infinity Ward remove vehicles from Call of Duty: Warzone following an exploit

Call of Duty: Warzone vehicles are an integral part of traveling around Verdansk. However, Infinity Ward has decided to disable all vehicles after players discovered a game breaking exploit. Recently, a Superstore money glitch was discovered, which is still yet to get a fix. However, the vehicle exploit had the potential to crash the entire lobby, causing frustration to many players.

Warzone vehicles are crashing the game, instead of into players!

The glitch would occur when a vehicle was driven out of bounds in certain areas of the map. Normally, when you go out of bounds in a vehicle or on foot, the “return to combat” message will appear on your screen. Also, there will be a countdown indicating how long a player has to get back into the combat zone. However, whilst in a vehicle in certain areas of the map, the countdown would freeze. You could drive around the map out of bounds but nothing more. After a while, the glitch would end the game for the entire lobby.

Infinity Ward was fairly quick to respond to the issue by disabling all vehicles to stop this frustrating glitch from happening. It is unknown when the vehicle exploit will be fixed. Until then, expect to be traveling around Verdansk on foot. Potentially, this can lead to slower paced games, especially if you are used to playing fast and aggressive. You can view all of the bugs and fixes that Infinity Ward are working to fix on their official Trello board.

If you would rather wait until vehicles return, there are other options on free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone. This includes the Games of Summer event which is still available until the end of September 7. Based on how you perform, you will earn a variety of rewards which can be used in regular games, including XP tokens, vehicle skins, legendary weapon blueprints, and more.