IO details Hitman 3 game modes, Ghost Mode gets terminated

IO details Hitman 3 game modes, Ghost Mode gets terminated

IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 may be a few months away, but little else is known about the new entry in the franchise. Aside from being a next-generation console game, Agent 47’s latest adventure will be a blend of old and new. In a new blog post, IO Interactive has shared what fans can expect from Hitman 3. Basically, the fundamentals are the same, but the developers are making changes as they see fit.

One of those will be the exclusion of Ghost Mode in Hitman 3. The 1v1 online multiplayer mode that made its debut in Hitman 2 will not be moving to the new entry. In fact, the current version will stop working from August 31 as well. “We have learnt a hell of a lot from Ghost Mode over the last two years and we’ll be taking all of those learnings onboard for what we do in the future with regards to multiplayer,” IO shared. “One other thing; The Phantom Suit, which can only be unlocked by playing Ghost Mode, will be added as an unlock in Hitman 3.”

Comings and goings

However, the rest will be familiar to returning players. The game will feature a globetrotting campaign that has plenty of sandbox mayhem awaiting. It will also “deliver a dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy.” Agent 47’s world is set to be rocked, with the conclusion of events likely changing his world for good. For those looking for a more challenging time, head into Escalations. New elements spice things up at different stages of a contract, overcome them all and eliminate your targets, only then can you call yourself a hit man.

Contracts Mode also returns in Hitman 3, allowing for unlimited customization to your play experience. There are leaderboards to compete on, and you can always find something to tickle your fancy. Sniper Assassin, on the other hand, is all about long-range hunting. Eliminate your target without triggering an alarm, and be the ultimate hunter. Unfortunately, this mode will not feature cooperative play in Hitman 3. Servers for Hitman 2 will also be shut down before the launch of the new game.

The ever-exciting Elusive Targets will also come to Hitman 3. With the challenge of time and no help from the game, this is the true test of your killing abilities. IO Interactive has also teased some changes to the mode, so we will have to wait and see what tricks lie in wait.

With January 2021 just a short while away, Agent 47’s return should be one to look out for.