Jaclyn Glenn Sends A Message To Eugenia Cooney That She Will Always Be There For Her As Public Fears She Is Close To Death

Jaclyn Glenn Sends A Message To Eugenia Cooney That She Will Always Be There For Her As Public Fears She Is Close To Death

Jaclyn Glenn sent a message to Eugenia Cooney after a troll on Twitch impersonated her and offered Eugenia a false apology. Jaclyn Glenn staged an intervention for Eugenia Cooney in 2019 that resulted in Eugenia being sent to a rehab for an eating disorder. Jaclyn neither staged the intervention alone or was the person who brought Eugenia to rehab, but it appears that Eugenia views her intervention and rehab stay as an act of cruelty. Ever since Eugenia was treated for anorexia nervosa, Jaclyn has been left on the defense from accusations that she had no right to help Eugenia or allow experts to speak with her.

Fans are gravely concerned that Eugenia Cooney is going to die from anorexia. There are many who are left grasping at straws at how to help Eugenia and Eugenia doesn’t view people who are concerned that she will die if she doesn’t get her eating disorder under control as being helpful.

She has spoken multiple times about people who are concerned about her weight and health as being “bullies” or being “negative” towards her.

Now that Eugenia has lost noticeable weight, since her recovery, people are reaching out to Jaclyn Glenn asking her to intervene once again.

Jaclyn has made it clear that she loves Eugenia, wants the best for her, and would drop everything at a moment’s notice if Eugenia needed her and reached out to help, but at this point, Jaclyn’s hands are tied.

She cannot intervene again.

When Eugenia Cooney was on Twitch, on September 3, 2020, the troll came in using the account JaclynNGlenn and offered an apology for the intervention.

At first, Eugenia thought the apology was from the real Jaclyn and she accepted it. She then realized that it was a troll account.

Jaclyn Glenn responded to the fiasco on her official YouTube channel where she has 826,000 subscribers.

You may see a video featuring Eugenia Cooney’s Twitch stream below.

Here is Jaclyn Glenn’s in-depth response to the Eugenia Cooney situation. She also spoke directly to Eugenia and extended her help to her fellow YouTuber.

What do you think about the situation? Are you concerned for Eugenia Cooney?

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