John Mulaney Says He Was Questioned By The Secret Service Over Joke On SNL

John Mulaney Says He Was Questioned By The Secret Service Over Joke On SNL

According to John Mulaney, the Secret Service had to interrogate him over a joke he told on Saturday Night Live. Page Six says the 38-year-old voice actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night to say that the Secret Service investigated him over his SNL hosting gig back in February.

John was questioned over his Julius Ceaser-murder joke, in which he insinuated that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the same thing to happen to government officials in the modern era. John’s joke began by explaining the origins of the Leap Year.

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John joked that another thing that went down under the reign of Julius Caesar is that all of the senators picked up knives and stabbed him until he died. Mulaney joked that it would be “interesting” to bring the tradition back to the modern era.

Mulaney says he asked his lawyer if he could make that joke, and his lawyer told him he had to call “another lawyer,” and “that lawyer said yes.” Mulaney went on to say to Jimmy Kimmel that the joke led to a visit from the Secret Service.

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He said he felt “stoked” by the fact there is now an open file on him, but he didn’t enjoy being questioned when it was actually happening. Mulaney claims the Secret Service agent knew very well that the joke wasn’t even really about the president, it was merely referential.

John went on to describe his interviewer as “very nice;” and John says he knew Mr. Mulaney never did anything wrong. Mulaney then poked fun at himself, saying how no one has ever thought he was”registered above a 1″ on a 1 to 10 scale of risk assessment.

As most know, this wouldn’t be the first time the Secret Service investigated a celebrity or a performing artist over a joke they made about the president.

Marshall Mathers, aka, Eminem, claims the Secret Service came to speak to him after he mentioned Trump in one of his freestyle raps. Eminem touched on his discussion with the government officials on his second last record, Kamikaze.