Kanye West Says He’s Not Interested In Doing Business With Universal Or Sony

Kanye West Says He’s Not Interested In Doing Business With Universal Or Sony

Fans of Kanye West know that he loves to air out his grievances on social media. It has the effect of keeping his name in the headlines which is obviously good for his career, but it’s also a way of legitimately expressing what’s been going wrong in his life lately.

Hot New Hip Hop says that last night, the rapper took to his Twitter once again to talk about the end of his record contract. Moreover, the rapper reportedly called out Drake and J. Cole and asked for an apology from both of them.

And again in the morning today, the rapper took to his account to share a screenshot of a conversation he had with an anonymous person over at Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

The individual claimed that Taylor Swift had her master recordings purchased for $300 million, but if Kanye were to sell his own, it would be worth a lot more. In the email, the person wrote that if Kanye re-recorded a lot of the same songs again, he could own the new masters.

When asked if he was interested in working with them, Kanye wrote, “I’m not open to any form of business with Universal or Sony.” The rapper went on to insinuate that he would be filing a lawsuit because no one from either company had reached out to him.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, it’s quite difficult for a recording artist to walk away from a recording contract before the deadline. For instance, Frank Ocean did so, but it was a challenging ordeal. Frank ended a contract with Universal prematurely.

Coincidentally, the same record label was the subject of a $100 million lawsuit from Lil’ Wayne regarding unpaid royalty fees. Thus far, it’s not clear why Kanye is upset with the record labels and publishing groups. Regardless, this wouldn’t be the first time Kanye was in the headlines this year.

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