Kim Kardashian Puts Her Curves On Full Display In Two-Piece, Reflective Bathing Suit

Kim Kardashian Puts Her Curves On Full Display In Two-Piece, Reflective Bathing Suit

Kim Kardashian turned 40-years-old in October and she’s been flaunting her insane curves ever since. Sharing a photo where the mother of four wore a white bikini, Kim continues to remind people why she is one of the world’s greatest influencers. She works hard for her body and her efforts have paid off and one wonders how she has the time to maintain her figure with such a busy schedule as Kim has!

With law school, her beauty company that is always launching a new product, Skims, running her household, and championing the causes of those who have been over sentenced and unfairly incarcerated, it would seem that finding the time to work out would be nearly impossible — but not for Kim! She knows how to balance working hard with relaxation and has made plenty of time for both.

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In the photo that Kim shared with her 192 million Instagram followers, she is wearing a micro bikini from Prix Limited. The bikini top and bottoms are sold separately and demand for the swimsuit has increased since Kim’s photo received plenty of social media love.

The bikini top is called the Quiet Micro Bikini Top 3M and it retails for approximately $40. In the photo’s caption, Kim wrote one simple word: ‘Reflecting.’ You may not be able to tell in the photo, but the Micro Bikini is made from 100 percent reflective nylon. Reflective nylon is composed of tiny glass beads and the material reflects light. A video would have been an excellent way to see the reflective nature of the suit but you can tell that the white of her bikini looks extra bright.

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The Quiet Micro Bikini Top 3M by Prix Limited retails for approximately $40.

The bikini bottoms are called the Quiet Micro Bikini Bottoms 3M and they retail for about $30. The bikini bottoms provide minimal coverage and are high waisted.

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You may see the picture of Kim Kardashian wearing the reflective bikini below.

Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s Prix Limited bikini? Are you a fan of the look?

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