Latest Black Ops Cold War patch fixes bugs and adds Miami to Combined Arms

Latest Black Ops Cold War patch fixes bugs and adds Miami to Combined Arms

On December 8, Treyarch released a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War patch focused on bug fixes and addressing the overall stability of the game. Now, another new patch has rolled out in order to fix some issues that were not fixed in the quality of life update.

As a part of this update, the map Miami has been added to the Combined Arms playlist. This means that you can now hop into some 12v12 action on this map, along with Crossroads, Cartel, and Armada. Due to the size of Miami, it is likely that fans will welcome it in the 12v12 playlist.

In terms of bug fixes, the map voting process has been restored in playlists where it was unintentionally disabled. Also, some rare crashes have been resolved which would occur when playing Search and Destroy, or when using a Field Mic. In the gunsmith, the Hunter icon will no longer look distorted in the mastery tab of the M79. Accompanying these fixes are various UI tweaks, improving some visual aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Next, the Zombies game mode has experienced further stability fixes. In addition, unique camos are now available for the Ray Gun when you put it through the Pack-a-Punch machine. A problem has also been addressed which would cause zombies to ignore you after leaving the Dark Aether during some missions. From now on, you must always stay alert.

More Black Ops Cold War bugs to be patched in the future

It is important to note that some issues are still being tracked. For some players, diamond camo progress still appears locked, even if it has been earned. Currently, it is unknown when this problem will be fixed. Perhaps the camo bug could be fixed when Season 1 is released on December 16.

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