Lil Wayne And Denise Bidot Appear To Be Back Together Following The Rapper’s Purported Support Of The President

Lil Wayne And Denise Bidot Appear To Be Back Together Following The Rapper’s Purported Support Of The President

Rumor has it that things between Lil’ Wayne and Denise Bidot weren’t that great following the news that Wayne had met up with the president of the United States of America. In case you missed it, Wayne met up with Donald Trump regarding the Platinum Plan, a program announced specifically for black Americans.

Even though there were rumors of trouble in paradise, Lil’ Wayne and Denise Bidot are apparently back to the way they were before. Hot New Hip Hop says it’s clear Lil’ Wayne and Denise have reconciled after fans noticed they were flirting on IG.

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As it was previously reported, everyone thought Lil’ Wayne and Denise had broken up after Lil’ Wayne posed for a picture with the president of the United States. Additionally, it was reported that Wayne and Denise had unfollowed each other on IG.

Fast-forward to today, and it appears as though Denise and Lil’ Wayne are doing just fine. The model uploaded a batch of pictures which showed off that she and Wayne were down in New Orleans, Louisiana, enjoying a Thanksgiving weekend together.

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The star wrote on her account that “thanksgiving weekend was just perfect,” before going on to write that she was “thankful” for the things she has been given. Denise also shared a few pictures of Lil’ Wayne in which he smiled at the camera just before getting on the skateboard.

It’s clear Denise and Wayne are back together again following some time apart. Regarding the Republican policy and its divisiveness, Trump’s platinum plan has been controversial ever since it was announced.

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Ice Cube was one of the first rappers to address it, and he later claimed that the Republican party was the first to want to talk to him about the plan. He claims he tried speaking with the Democrats, but they never wanted to.

Furthermore, Cube says he had an interview with CNN but when they found out that he had met with Jared Kushner, they canceled the interview at the last minute. Cube made his revelation during an interview on Fox News.