Logitech unleashes Playmaster program to hone your CS:GO skills

Logitech unleashes Playmaster program to hone your CS:GO skills

It can be challenging when jumping into a competitive game, especially in the first-person shooter genre. Games like Rainbow Six Siege have adept communities that have honed their skills over the years, which can be daunting for a newcomer looking to joining the fray. The same goes for Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and a solution of sorts to the learning curve is on the way via notable peripheral manufacturer Logitech called Playmaster.

Players can expect to improve via Playmaster, which is a program “backed by science and built with professional esports organizations.”

Be it for pros or beginners, Playmaster will help players understand which areas they can improve in. According to the official description spotted by The Verge, “Playmaster is designed to capture specific data from gamers – from amateurs to esports pros – to help them understand how to reach their full potential.”

The current beta for Playmaster can do quite a bit already. It will allow players to “analyze their play and improve specific skills, such as targeting acquisition, map navigation, and player movement” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Hit the books

After completing an initial test that lasts for 30 minutes, the Logitech Playmaster program begins assessing and monitoring player data. Next, it paints a better picture of your strengths and weaknesses. Something which is particularly interesting about the program, is that it uses professional and tournament gameplay as a means of benchmarking performance. Playmaster then creates a curriculum to help you improve. Likewise, skills like aiming, opponent detection, recoil management, and more are all touched on.

Logitech maintains that Playmaster has already demonstrated it can ”directly improve an individual’s in-game performance.” The AI-driven tool is not just a spur-of-the-moment innovation. Playmaster is the product of years of research. The creation of the program involved top esports pros and even universities around the world. For example, the University of Limerick’s Lero esports science research lab is a notable contributor.

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the first to see a beta, Playmaster will likely impact other games in the FPS genre as well. As the competitive scene heats up, you will need every advantage you can get. If Logitech succeeds, no one will be left behind. With Playmaster, everyone has a shot at improving their game. Perhaps Rainbow Six Siege will be next, though that could be a tough nut to crack.