Looks like the Demon’s Souls remake is heading to PC after all

Looks like the Demon’s Souls remake is heading to PC after all

Sony has wrapped up its second livestream event for its upcoming PlayStation 5. I know I’m excited about the surprise God of War sequel announcement, myself. However, most of us found it hard to tear our eyes away from the gameplay trailer for the Demon’s Souls remake. We watched excitedly as our unnamed knight cut through monsters. As a PC player, the feeling was bittersweet. Or was it? Near the end of the trailer, we got a surprise almost equal to that of God of War 2. In the smallest text Sony was willing to use, there was an intriguing little note: “Also available on PC.”

Yes, the Demon’s Souls remake is heading to the PC. In fact, the game is a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5. The rest of the note reads that the game is not “available on other consoles for a limited time.” The “other consoles” part is, of course, the poor Xbox Series X. But the PC isn’t a console, right? Then what does this note truly tell us? Unfortunately, not much beyond the obvious. The Demon’s Souls remake will be on the PC, but we’re not entirely sure if it happen on the launch of the PS5 or even if it will be this year. Indeed, the wording is a bit confusing. We’ll have to wait for more information to show up.

Regardless, it’s clear that Sony wasn’t playing when it mentioned bringing more first-party games to PC. Both Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding made their way over to our platform of choice, and have both done well (sans technical hiccups). The publisher mentioned in late August that it planned on moving more games to the platform, we assume after they already had a good run on Sony’s console.

And the world will be mended

The Demon’s Souls remake is being handled by Bluepoint Studios. The developer made its name with providing the highest quality of remakes, such as Shadow of the Colossus in 2018. Demon’s Souls is its newest project, and it’s looking quite amazing. If you don’t believe me, clearly you must have missed the trailer up above. Go watch it now. I’ll wait.

We’ll have more information for you on the Demon’s Souls remake PC launch date when that time comes.