Magic: The Gathering Arena releases Bob Ross Secret Lair lands

Magic: The Gathering Arena releases Bob Ross Secret Lair lands

The Secret Lair sets have been a point of contention for many players of the physical version of Magic: The Gathering for awhile now. Originally designed as a way to release special, fancy alternate art cards, it was soon selling cards exclusive to these sets. This was most prevalent with the recent The Walking Dead Secret Lair set. Yes, you read that right, The Walking Dead. Thankfully none of these problems have reached the digital version of the game, Magic: The Gathering Arena.

If you aren’t familiar with trading card games, you might be wondering what the big deal is. Well, these Secret Lair sets are not only pricey, but very limited. Only a certain amount are made and once they are gone that is pretty much it outside of the secondary market. Releasing a card exclusive to that style of distribution is a sure fire way to upset your player base. Especially if any of those cards are good, which one of the Walking Dead cards ended up being.

The point is that Wizards of the Coast has been on thin ice with these Secret Lair sets for awhile. Almost as an apology for this, the most recent Secret Lair set featured art from everybody’s favorite painter, Bob Ross. Each land type got a special alternate art card that featured one of the beloved TV star’s famous portrait paintings. Now these Bob Ross cards are available to those who play the digital version of the game in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Bob Ross

That’ll be our little secret

Using the codes below you can add five of the 10 Bob Ross lands to your Magic: The Gathering Arena account. These codes will last until next Monday, December 14, so get them while you still can.

    DelightfulMeadow IslandWilderness TreeFriend MoveMountains HappySwamp

If you buy the physical Secret Lair, foil or non-foil, you will receive a code to claim the other five cards in Magic: The Gathering Arena. You will also receive a code to get those same cards in Magic: The Gathering Online, for all five people still playing that. Pre-orders for the physical edition also end next Monday, December 14, and are scheduled to ship in March of next year. The cards may also be available for a separate purchase in Magic: The Gathering Arena at a later date, but nothing was confirmed at this time.