Malika Haqq Seemingly Has A Message For O.T Genasis Regarding His Recent Actions

Malika Haqq Seemingly Has A Message For O.T Genasis Regarding His Recent Actions

Although it seems that some people are disregarding the fact that COVID-19 is still a huge problem in America, there are others who are still taking the pandemic seriously. This would also include Malika Haqq.

It’s already frightening to be a new mom in such uncertain times so the last thing a parent needs is someone who may not be taking the proper precautions to be sure they aren’t taking unnecessary risks that expose them to getting the respiratory illness. The new mom is going to do whatever it takes to protect herself and her baby boy.

O.T Genasis has seemingly been out and about in many places. Recently, he’s been to both a protest and an event as captured by the Jasmine Brand.

Malika took to Instagram Stories to deliver a message that can apply to anyone close to her but social media users were sure that she was referring to her baby’s father.

‘If you’re running around in these streets like this virus isn’t real — you won’t see me or my son.’

It was a point-blank message that the rapper should definitely take notice of.

Instagram users in the comment section of the repost had lots to say.

‘She must not have gotten a response from him via text so she took to social media to get the message out,’ one said.

Another said: ‘She can’t tame what doesn’t want to be. She should know better.’

This person added: ‘Was his phone off or something?? Girl go tell him this yourself.’

Another brought up a point that she is friends with the Kardashians who seem to have been jetsetting these past few months.

‘But doesn’t she hang out with the Kardashians who travels, have parties, have church services and hang out with ppl outside of family?’

What do you think about Malika’s warning?