Marvel’s Avengers patch will fix a Hulk-sized load of issues

Marvel’s Avengers patch will fix a Hulk-sized load of issues

Marvel’s Avengers seems to be one of the more divisive games of the year. There are plenty of those lamenting its live-service nature, but many still are enjoying the combat and overall gameplay loop. Our own review of the game was very positive, and I myself am really enjoying the story of the campaign and the character interactions. However, even the most ardent defenders of the game can’t ignore the myriad of technical problems the game has. Well, the next Marvel’s Avengers patch, numbered 1.3.0, will address many of those issues.

The most recent Marvel’s Avengers patch, numbered 1.2.5, just went up last week and did fix a lot of problems with the game. However, the development team has teased this next patch will reportedly address the hundreds of small quality of life issues affecting the game. I myself have experienced bugs like audio missing from certain characters, audio cutting out entirely, or small bits of audio stuck in a never-ending loop forcing me to load my last checkpoint.

Although I haven’t experienced it personally, I know others have ran into far more egregious issues. One friend had every enemy and member of his team fail to load on screen, but he kept taking damage. To make matters worse, this was during the final stage of the campaign. Loading the last checkpoint set him back about a good 20-minutes worth of progress. The development team said this next Marvel’s Avengers patch will be the biggest one yet, and the team has been “rigorously testing” it.

You wouldn’t like me when I’m glitchy

I haven’t personally enjoyed a game with this many bugs before, so if Crystal Dynamics is able to plug up all these small holes in the hull of its ship, it will greatly improve the overall quality of the game. Not to mention it would make it much easier to recommend to other people while offering far fewer “buts” in the sales pitch. There is currently no release time for this patch, but hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

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