Marvel’s Avengers – Quick tips to get you started

Marvel’s Avengers – Quick tips to get you started

Looking for some tips before you start busting robot skulls with Cap’s shield, eh? Don’t even fret, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick tips to get you up on what’s what in Marvel’s Avengers.

Choose the right hero for the job

Different heroes do different things. ‘Nuff said. Iron Man and Thor can fly. Iron Man and Cap can block. Hulk and Ms. Marvel can heal via attacking with their meter. Widow can, uh, shoot things in the face with guns. While every character is usable, some of these come in handier than others for certain things. Flying obviously makes it easiest to get anywhere and everywhere, so it’s very beneficial to make certain choices if you’re going to be doing a lot of vertical movement for loot. On the flipside, Cap and Hulk have more trouble reaching certain places. Also, Ms. Marvel has the worst range of all the ranged attacks. And not everyone can smash certain breakable doors. Ms. Marvel and Hulk can get them out of the way no problem, but Cap and Widow aren’t going to be able to do a thing to them.

Melee and defense are best

As Marvel’s Avengers is somewhat of a beat-em-up, you’re going to be punching things more than shooting them. As such, it’s better to use gear that buffs your melee attack and defense, as doing ranged damage and using abilities aren’t going to be required as much. You’ll still want to focus on gear that gives you whatever edge you can get but don’t go reducing the more important stats just because that shiny new piece of equipment adds 15% to your heroic.

Save abilities for when you need ’em

It takes a while for abilities to cool down in Marvel’s Avengers. Anyone coming to this with ARPGs in mind is going to want to not use abilities just because they’re available. It can take literal minutes before one is available again and it’s absolutely not worth it to waste a strong attack on mobs of weaklings when you should be saving them for tougher foes.

Parries are killer

I know this is basically a beat-em-up, but the parries here are seriously fun. Upon successfully parrying at just the right time, you’ll not only be able to get in immediate counterattacks, but your foes will be totally stunned for entire seconds, which leaves you free to wail on them while they recover. The function of the parry changes based on what character you’re using and their abilities can factor into the way they play out as well. For instance, Ms. Marvel polymorphs in order to get out of the way, as her parry ties into her transformation.

Unlock characters’ guard breaks ASAP

Each character can break enemy guards with a charged heavy attack, sure, but some of these take too long to charge up to be useful. By the time the animation is ready to go, an enemy may very well hit you in the face, stopping you in your tracks. But every character has more options, such as charged light attacks and drop attacks that can be purchased via the skill menu. These take less time or just leave them far less vulnerable. And enemies in Marvel’s Avengers can do a lot of damage, so the less you get hit, the better.

That’s all for our Marvel’s Avengers tips but, as always, if you have any of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments below.