Master Chief joins Fortnite with some iconic accessories and even a Blood Gulch map

Master Chief joins Fortnite with some iconic accessories and even a Blood Gulch map

In another epic crossover, Halo‘s Master Chief has joined the ranks of playable characters in Fortnite. The announcement occurred during The Game Awards show and featured multiple trailers for fans to see what to expect. The first trailer leaned into the hype as the Master Chief emerged from a cooler to the surprise of a thirsty Fortnite character. That was a great reference for diehard fans that remember the many franchise promotions in the past like the Mountain Dew Game Fuel. It was also great considering Master Chief’s introduction in Halo 1 when he emerged from a cryo pod for the first time to grace the world of gaming.

The second trailer was an equally enjoyable treat, as it featured a short skit from the folks at Rooster Teeth, who have been parodying the Halo franchise since the beginning. Needless to say, it was great to see them all acting out some humor alongside former Halo pro and gaming celebrity Ninja, who voiced his own Fortnite skin in the skit. Alright, it was a bit corny. However, Ninja was a Halo fan and pro player far before his rise to fame via Fortnite, so to see him cameo shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Together, they introduced the iconic Blood Gulch multiplayer map to Fortnite custom games.

It’s a bit crazy to realize this has become an official thing, but Fortnite seems to be the ultimate crossover opportunity in gaming these days. Don’t take our word for it though — go jump into Blood Gulch with some friends and get flag cappin’.

Become a Reclaimer and act like one too

As for the Master Chief skin itself, you can buy it now in Fortnite‘s in-game store. You can just pick up the Chief himself for 1,500 V-Bucks, or get the bundle for 2,600. The prices are about $12 and $21 USD, respectively. The bundle includes a UNSC Pelican glider, a Gravity Hammer Pickaxe, and a Lil’ Warthog traversal emote that lets you cruise in UNSC style.

The possibilities for cosmetic combinations are getting truly impressive in Fortnite now that Epic has somehow managed to strike deals with so many other corporate giants like Microsoft and Disney. You could easily see the Master Chief wielding a lightsaber or swinging a giant candy cane around in the weeks ahead. Who knows what’s next for Fortnite?

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