MiHoYo shares Genshin Impact roadmap with updates until February 2021

MiHoYo shares Genshin Impact roadmap with updates until February 2021

There is no doubt that Genshin Impact has pretty much taken over the gaming conscious, at least for the last week or so. Developer MiHoYo’s brand of open-world adventure wrapped in a cheery aesthetic has captured the attention of plenty of gamers, and the march towards content is not stopping anytime soon. The team has revealed a Genshin Impact roadmap that paves the way all the way until February 2021. Players can expect a new zone, more in-game events, and other small improvements.

The first update of the Genshin Impact roadmap will arrive on November 11 as update 1.1. This will then be followed up by a second major update come December 23. This five-week cadence is a schedule MiHoYo is looking to stick to for quite some time.

For those looking for more content in update 1.1, you will be disappointed. The update will focus on bug fixing and improving the existing systems within the game. The in-game activities that many players were hoping for will be added later in the Genshin Impact roadmap. However, update 1.1 is not without its own bells and whistles. A blog post outlined new features coming to the game that will help with the overall experience.

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Starting small

There will be equipment locking, so you do not have to worry about accidentally using items to power up your equipment. An in-game encyclopedia added to Genshin Impact as part of the update. Monsters, animals, plants, and more will be documented as you go on your adventures. For those in fear of missing out on treasures and collectibles, there will also be a new item that will help with that, best of all you will be able to obtain it for free. MiHoYo is also making it easier for players to consumer food and medicine without opening up the inventory.

The new Genshin Impact roadmap will also fix the damage modifiers for both water and thunder elements. Environmental damage will also start scaling with world levels. Players using Lisa have also noticed that at a certain distance, combination effects do not actually damage enemies. MiHoYo is looking into the issue, and fixing it as part of the patch.

A new event, The Unreturned Star, will also be coming alongside update 1.1.

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Looking ahead

Following the 1.1 update, there will also be improvements made to the camera, which will enable users to choose if the automatic tracking is suitable for them. Players can stop worrying about the wasted experience when enhancing weapons, with any leftover returning to your possession. Reporting errant users will also be easier, as the game will be adding a report function in the future. Characters will remain playable instead of being locked out when sent on dispatch.

Update 1.2 of the Genshin Impact roadmap appears to be more exciting. A new region in the form of Dragonspine Mountain will be added. The details about this new area are still unclear, but if it continues in the vein of the rest of the game, we have more adventures to savor. February’s update 1.3 will add the Lantern Rite Festival, which will bring a new list of activities.