Mindy Kaling Talks About Why She Could Never Make A Show Like Euphoria

Mindy Kaling got her rise to fame by starring in the hilarious comedy series The Office. While Mindy’s role wasn’t as big in that series as perhaps some of the other characters, she was without a doubt one of the most hilarious parts of the show and stole the spotlight in every episode she was in.

Ever since the wildly successful series ended, Mindy has taken much more creative and leadership-infused positions in her following projects, serving as either director or executive producer. Mindy is famously known as the executive producer for the incredibly successful Netflix series Never Have I Ever which recently began streaming its third season, as its popularity continues to rise with fans and critics alike.

However, the world of TV series is full of fierce competition, and in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter Mindy has revealed that although she is working on a teen drama herself, she is pretty comfortable admitting that she will probably never be able to make a show like HBO Max’ highly successful teen drama, Euphoria .

Mindy and co-creator of Never Have I Ever, Lang Fisher expressed their thoughts on the matter in the following words:

“I love ‘Euphoria’ and I think [creator] Sam [Levinson] is like a genius. I think he has a lot to say about things like sex and drug use and addiction and those are incredibly interesting, but we don’t have a ton of experience in that. I watch that show on the edge of my seat, vicariously, but I feel like nerds lusting over guys is more what we feel comfortable writing about so that’s why we do this. We write about strivers and dorks and people who are underestimated,” said Mindy.

“Mindy and I are not cool enough to write ‘Euphoria.’ I can’t imagine us ever like, ‘Alright now she goes and does heroin.’ We operate pretty succinctly and safely in the TV-14 space, and also we weren’t like ‘Euphoria’ teens. Mindy and I were goody-goodies who were dorks and maybe each had like half a boyfriend,” said Lang.

While the two might not be able to make a show like Euphoria it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Never Have I Ever is just as popular a teen drama as it is ready to set new records with its third season.