More Manufacturers Pulling Products Due To Racist Claims—Where Will It All End?

More Manufacturers Pulling Products Due To Racist Claims—Where Will It All End?

In recent weeks, we have seen announcements by such brands as Eskimo Pies, Uncle Ben’s, and Aunt Jemima, that their names will be changed due to presenting negative connotations. Now, within recent days, other brands have jumped on the bandwagon, this time taking the reason for their changes a bit further.

Now, it seems that worlds that are believed to possibly cause offense are being removed as well. It seems that now the words “whitening,” “fair,” and “master bedroom” have come to be considered as both controversial as well as offensive. Okay. Yeh. WHAT?

According to the Houston Association of Realtors, a change has been made in their manuals that states that from here on out the term “master” will no longer be used on any current or future listings of real estate. Yes, as in the master bedroom or the master bathroom. Instead, realtors and realty agencies are instructed to replace the term with “primary” which now be used in its place.

How can it be that the term “master bedroom” can be deemed as problematic and offensive? It seems that there are those that feel the term “master” carries a connotation that dates back to slavery and slave masters. According to reports, it seems the change was brought into effect when several realtors with the HAR made a complaint as to the insensitivity of the word “master.”

The HAR did make note that the banning of the word, “master,” is only placed on the MLS listings themselves. And that member realtors are still able to make use of the word in both their photo descriptions and their marketing materials.

Another brand, the Court of Master Sommeliers, which “sets the global standard of excellence for beverage service within the hospitality industry,” announced that they would discontinue the use of the wording “master sommelier,” due to the possible racial implications.

Then, the world’s largest cosmetic and beauty retailer, L’Oreal announced on Friday that they would be removing the terms “whitening,” “fair,” and “light” from all of its dental and skincare products. Unilever has also jumped on the bandwagon announcing of their intent to remove the terms “whitening” and “lightening” from their products, saying that the words suggested “a singular idea of beauty.” Unilever went on to say that they are working towards “a more inclusive vision of beauty.”

Last, but not least, Johnson & Johnson has announced they will be pulling two skin products from their current line. That of Clean and Clear Fairness as well as Neutrogena Fine Fairness.

Do you think that this whole overkill on political and racial correctness will ever end?