Mortal Shell boss guide: Crucix the Twiceborn

Mortal Shell boss guide: Crucix the Twiceborn

Crucix the Twiceborn is the boss at the end of Mortal Shell‘s Seat of Infinity zone. Here’s our guide on how to beat him.

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Mortal Shell: Crucix the Twiceborn boss guide

You can follow our exploration guide to know how to reach the Seat of Infinity zone via one of the exits in Fallgrim. Additionally, our Hammer and Chisel guide tells you how to get the weapon, its upgrades/skills, as well as the Solemn Offering material in the area.

In any case, once you reach the Shifting Archives, speak with Sester Genessa to activate that savepoint. Then, interact with the chalice to drop down to Crucix the Twiceborn’s arena.

Note: You need to harden when you fall down or you’ll lose your “second chance/extra life.”

Phase 1

Crucix the Twiceborn looks like a Spartan warrior, and he’s got a twin growing on him too.

This boss’ attacks include a multi-hit combo that can be easily avoided or negated via hardening. I find that it’s easy to take swipes at him once he’s done with his combo. Likewise, if you can land four consecutive hits, you can stun him for a few seconds.

However, if you’re further away, Crucix will hunker down and the tiny twin will shoot you with flaming arrows.

Once you lower his health to 50%, Crucix will then use a special attack where he dive-bombs you from the air. This attack will outright kill you especially if you’ve got low health or you’re using Tiel the Acolyte’s shell. Use your harden ability to negate this devastating blow.

Phase 2

After dropping his health to zero for the first time, Crucix the Twiceborn’s twin will die and he’ll become enraged. His attacks do more damage now.

Plus, after a three-hit combo, he’ll do a Spartan Kick that knocks you down.

Anyway, grab the Glimpse of Oblivion after killing the boss. It’s a consumable that provides you glimpses.

Gland Run

Next, take the gland so we can begin the level’s “Gland Run” mode.

There’s a nearby teleporter that you can use, and you’ll need to traverse the Seat of Infinity – Dim Gate area. It got a lot dimmer than before, that’s for sure.

There are also loads of mobs here, and it’d be unrealistic to try and kill them all. Just make sure you interact with every Sester Genessa you encounter so you can save from that location in case you die.

Oh, and if you speak to Brother Corvid while carrying a gland, he still doesn’t say anything new.

Make your way back to Fallgrim Tower and bring the gland to the Old Prisoner. You’ll get an enhanced riposte upgrade for your efforts.

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