Mortal Shell exploration guide: How to reach the other zones

Mortal Shell exploration guide: How to reach the other zones

As mentioned in our Mortal Shell beginner’s guide, Fallgrim serves as the central hub in the game. From here, you’ll navigate paths that’ll lead you to the other zones: Shrine of Ash, Seat of Infinity, and Crypt of Martyrs. Here’s our exploration guide to help you out.

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Mortal Shell: Fallgrim’s winding paths

Our goal here to make navigation easier is to head straight to Fallgrim Tower and use that as our vantage point. It’s got vendor and fast travel NPCs anyway, as well as the means to swap to other shells and weapons that you’ve unlocked.

Shrine of Ash

From the tower’s second floor, head to the grassy area overlooking a cave.

Go inside the cave (watch out for bear traps), and you’ll find a miniboss called Grisha (so we’ll call this Grisha’s Cavern). Take note of the directions seen in the image below:

The tunnel to your left takes you to a gorge with lots of enemies.

Run past them or kill them. You’ll eventually reach a wide-open area with a burning shrine that’s further away and some ruins to your right. Head to the ruins.

Climb the winding stairwell and beware of mobs.

The entrance to the Mortal Shell‘s Shrine of Ash zone is at the very top.

Inside, you’ll find the following:

Seat of Infinity

When you reach Grisha’s Cavern, take the tunnel to your right.

Once you exit the tunnel, follow the dirt road leading straight ahead (watch out for bear traps as usual).

At the end of the dirt road and to your left, you’ll spot an ominous-looking tower in the distance.

It’s scarier than Fallgrim Tower, that’s for sure. Eredrim the Venerable and the Corrupted Sester vendor NPC are also found nearby.

Anyway, go inside the tower and you’ll reach Mortal Shell‘s Seat of Infinity zone. There, you’ll find:

Crypt of Martyrs

From Fallgrim Tower’s second floor, take the exit that leads you close to the bell (where Vlas the vendor NPC is). Look across the distance and you’ll see a ravine that has bats hanging from trees.

Follow that path and you’ll see a sight the giant tree with lots of bats. Take the left exit.

You’ll find some gravestones here, and there’s also a tunnel that leads to a miniboss encounter to obtain Tiel the Acolyte.

Keep going straight ahead past the graveyard and go through the archway.

The pit below lets you reach Mortal Shell‘s Crypt of Martyrs.

There, you’ll find:

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