Mortal Shell guide: Eredrim the Venerable

Mortal Shell guide: Eredrim the Venerable

Eredrim the Venerable will probably make you yell “for ze lady” because it makes you look like a Bretonnian knight. This is the tankiest armor set you’ll find in Mortal Shell, and it’s also fun to use. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Mortal Shell: Eredrim the Venerable guide

Location: From Grisha’s Cavern, head to your right and crawl through the tunnel.

Follow the dirt road until you see a foreboding structure in the distance. That actually takes you to the Seat of Infinity zone.

Before you go to that zone, however, go ahead and claim Eredrim the Venerable. Oh, and you can also find the Corrupted Sester vendor NPC nearby.

Stats: Eredrim the Venerable has the highest durability/HP out of all the options in Mortal Shell. Sadly, its resolve and stamina stats are abysmal.

Skills and perks:

UpgradeEffectTar CostGlimpse CostAccretion of Endurance+15% max HP.10006Accretion of Foresight-5% damage taken after killing an enemy; lasts 10 seconds.5002Accretion of AscentStagger enemies more frequently (poise damage).11008Accretion of YearningCan sometimes resist getting knocked down.5002Accretion of DominanceAfter reclaiming Eredrim (“last chance” mechanic), your next attack deals massive damage; will sometimes cause enemies to explode in a bloody pulp.30002Accretion of InheritanceDeal extra damage versus enemies who are alone.250015Accretion of ResolveGain a stack of “execution” after killing an enemy; each stack increases base damage and all effects are lost when knocked out of your shell.11008Recollection of StrengthPut enemies off-balance with a powerful kick10006Recollection of KnowledgeUse Harden in the air to create an AoE smash once you land; create a poison cloud if you hit an enemy after landing250015Recollection of DeathRegain “last chance” after defeating enough enemies400025

Eredrim is both a tanking and DPS machine thanks to most of its perks. For instance, both Accretion of Inheritance and Accretion of Resolve are extremely helpful when you’re just mowing down foes from one area to the next. Accretion of Ascent, meanwhile, is pretty good for staggering enemies, including some of the elite mobs you’ll find.

Still, your biggest concern here would be the low stamina. Even if you have a high health pool, you’re not invulnerable and the hits you take from hostiles, especially bosses, will take a chunk out of you. You also won’t be able to attack and combo as often since you’ll tire yourself out quickly.

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