Mortal Shell guide: Hammer and Chisel weapon skills and upgrades

Mortal Shell guide: Hammer and Chisel weapon skills and upgrades

The Hammer and Chisel dual-wielded weapon lets you chain combos effectively thanks to its fast attack speed. I consider this my favorite weapon in Mortal Shell too. Here’s our guide on how to find the Hammer and Chisel’s upgrades and weapon skills.

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Mortal Shell: Hammer and Chisel skills and upgrades

To obtain the Hammer and Chisel weapon in Mortal Shell, you must first reach the Seat of Infinity zone. You can refer to our exploration guide for more info.

Once you’re there, interact with the book next to Sester Genessa to fight Hadern. This miniboss is quite deadly since he uses the Hammer and Chisel’s weapon skills. After defeating Hadern, you’ll get your new weapon.

Perfumed Censer upgrade

As you explore the Seat of Infinity – Eternal Narthex, you’ll eventually come across pedestals/switches that can be activated. There are three of these in this vast region, and you need to activate them all to open the door to the next area.

Anyway, you’ll find the Perfumed Censer upgrade next to one of the pedestals. It’s the on the right side of the map (assuming you’re facing the blocked doorway).

The upgrade is guarded by several mobs that look like Ronan the Accuser and Eldar Harlequins, but you could rush to pick it up quickly.

Weapon skill #1: Blade Tornado

This is what I’m talking about — a really cool weapon skill in Mortal Shell, and it’s for your Hammer and Chisel to boot. This ability unleashes a whirlwind of blades as your character uppercuts all the enemies around him. It does decent damage and you’re immune the entire time.

Solemn Offering

As mentioned in our beginner’s guide, you can find three Solemn Offerings in Mortal Shell. Each one will boost the healing effect of an empowered riposte and the effects are applied to all weapons.

The Solemn Offering in Seat of Infinity is found in the Eternal Narthex area. It’s to the left (from where you entered). In the image below, you’ll notice a slanted rock formation:

Go there and look below you to spot a teleporter.

This will take you to a high ledge that has a chest with the Solemn Offering.

Foul Censer upgrade

For the Foul Censer upgrade, you need to get past the Dim Gate area until you reach the Shifting Archives where you’ll fight Crucix the Twiceborn. Before you get to Sester Genessa and the boss’ arena, however, you’ll notice a stack of books to your left.

A lore fragment can be found here as well as a teleporter.

You’ll find the Foul Censer upgrade after you teleport.

Weapon skill #2: Impaler

I know, I’m just using nicknames for Mortal Shell‘s weapon skills now. Anyway, this one makes the Hammer and Chisel more amazing. It has your character do a short wind-up animation before throwing a spike that pierces an opponent’s body.

For weaker or low HP opponents, they’ll die and get impaled on any wall or surface (which is a neat touch). For tougher mobs and bosses, they’ll get stunned for several seconds, allowing you to wail away on them. It’s even better when you pair it with Solomon the Scholar due to the shell’s resolve generation and the weapon’s fast attacks and abilities.

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