Mortal Shell guide: Harros the Vassal perks and abilities

Mortal Shell guide: Harros the Vassal perks and abilities

Harros the Vassal is the first “shell” (or armor set) that you’ll find in Mortal Shell. It focuses primarily on defenses via the hardening mechanic. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Mortal Shell: Harros the Vassal guide

Location: After leaving the tutorial area and exiting the long tunnel, you’ll fight Harros the Vassal in the grassy corner to your left.

Stats: Harros the Vassal has average durability (HP), resolve, and stamina.

Skills and perks:

UpgradeEffectTar CostGlimpse CostAccretion of EnduranceFaster stamina refill while hardened.300020Accretion of ForesightChance to restore some HP when you obtain a glimpse.5002Accretion of AscentKilling two enemies in quick succession restores harden cooldown.5002Accretion of YearningChance for enemies to drop an additional glimpse on death.10008Accretion of DominanceFor a short time after hardening, enemies have a chance to drop an additional glimpse.10006Accretion of InheritanceHardening lasts twice as long after being broken.11008Accretion of ResolveHarden cooldown is reduced by 25%.250015Recollection of StrengthPut enemies off-balance with a powerful kick10006Recollection of KnowledgeUse Harden in the air to create an AoE smash once you land; create a poison cloud if you hit an enemy after landing250015Recollection of DeathRegain “last chance” after defeating enough enemies400025

Since Harros the Vassal predominantly focuses on Mortal Shell‘s hardening mechanic, you’ll see that he’s probably the most defensive-oriented out of all the options you have. Sadly, it won’t excel at anything else beyond this. It’s probably why I decided to level-up the other shells first and saved this for last.

Still, if you’re someone who can make the most use out of this shell, then more power to you. I would suggest getting Accretion of Yearning first so you can start earning some bonus glimpses (for other unlocks).

Then, Accretion of Inheritance and Accretion of Resolve would be helpful since both are related to hardening’s cooldown and could support you with your timing. Accretion of Ascent, while also related to cooldown, won’t be that necessary since you won’t often find groups of enemies that can be killed in quick succession — at least not in the game’s later areas.

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