Mortal Shell guide: Smoldering Mace weapon skills and upgrades

Mortal Shell guide: Smoldering Mace weapon skills and upgrades

The Smoldering Mace is an extremely slow and cumbersome weapon, but it packs quite a punch. Here’s our Mortal Shell guide on how to find the Smoldering Mace’s upgrades and weapon skills.

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Mortal Shell: Smoldering Mace skills and upgrades

To obtain the Smoldering Mace weapon in Mortal Shell, you must first reach the Shrine of Ash zone. You can refer to our exploration guide for more info.

Once you’re there, interact with the book next to Sester Genessa to fight Hadern. This miniboss is easy to eliminate due to the slow attack speed and weapon skills of the Smoldering Mace. After defeating Hadern, you’ll get your new weapon.

Foundry Stone upgrade

In Shrine of Ash – Temple Grounds, continue following the path until you reach a fork. There’s a doorway to the right that has a coffin. Open it to get the upgrade, but beware of specters that’ll appear.

Weapon skill #1: Torchlight

This activates the Smoldering Mace’s flame effect, allowing its attacks to incinerate enemies.

Solemn Offering

As mentioned in our beginner’s guide, you can find three Solemn Offerings in Mortal Shell. Each one will boost the healing effect of an empowered riposte and the effects are applied to all weapons.

The Solemn Offering can be found in the Monument of Ash area. Here, you’ll spot a fireball-lobbing dude in a cauldron.

There’s a room to the right which has another cauldron dude. The chest next to the creature has the Solemn Offering.

Awakened Stone upgrade

Head past the cauldron dude and the remaining mobs until you reach a bridge. The chest at the end has the Awakened Stone upgrade for the Smoldering Mace.

Weapon skill #2: Inferno

This Mortal Shell weapon skill for the Smoldering Mace is a treat to watch. You’ll swing the mace a couple of times before smashing the ground with it. Then, an inferno will engulf the area, burning all hostiles that are caught in its AoE.

From here, just continue onwards until you can battle Imrod the Unrepentant.

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