Mortal Shell guide: Solomon the Scholar perks and abilities

Mortal Shell guide: Solomon the Scholar perks and abilities

Solomon the Scholar is one of the shells/armor sets you can find in Mortal Shell. You’re going to love those enhanced ripostes and weapon skills thanks to its high resolve. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Mortal Shell: Solomon the Scholar guide

Location: From Fallgrim Tower, head inside Grisha’s Cavern. You can destroy the beast or ignore it — totally up to you. Don’t forget to pick up the upgrade material for the Hallowed Sword, though.

In any case, you need to head to the pathway that slopes downward. There’s a tunnel here that’ll take you to a small chamber with a Gollum-like monster.

Kill it and claim Solomon the Scholar.

Stats: Solomon the Scholar has decent durability and stamina. However, you’ll know it shines brightest thanks to that resolve stat.

Skills and perks:

UpgradeEffectTar CostGlimpse CostAccretion of EnduranceIncreased chance to heal when you kill an enemy with a weapon ability5002Accretion of ForesightBecome familiar with items more quickly; gain glimpse when reading lore (inscriptions) for the first time11008Accretion of AscentKilling an enemy with an empowered riposte has a chance to restore all resolve300020Accretion of YearningWhen talking to an NPC, gain a segment of resolve5002Accretion of DominanceThe duration of time enemies remain hardened (stunned) when you are separated from the Solomon shell is increased10006Accretion of InheritanceIncreased chance to gain a small amount of resolve when struck11008Accretion of ResolveWhen holding a Sacred Gland, gain +25 max HP; when not holding a Sacred Gland, gain +1 resolve segment250015Recollection of StrengthPut enemies off-balance with a powerful kick10006Recollection of KnowledgeUse Harden in the air to create an AoE smash once you land; create a poison cloud if you hit an enemy after landing250015Recollection of DeathRegain “last chance” after defeating enough enemies400025

Thanks to Solomon the Scholar’s high resolve, you can quickly regenerate the resource and blast your opponents over and over with weapon skills or enhanced ripostes.

My tip, though, is to grab Accretion of Endurance and use it as an additional healing mechanic (by killing hostiles using weapon skills). Additionally, if you’re using the Hammer and Chisel weapon, you can activate your equipment’s abilities frequently thanks to the fast attack speed and multi-hit barrage.

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