Mortal Shell guide: Tiel the Acolyte perks and abilities

Mortal Shell guide: Tiel the Acolyte perks and abilities

Tiel the Acolyte is an assassin, and you can expect to dodge and zip past your foes in Mortal Shell when you have this equipped. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Mortal Shell: Tiel the Acolyte guide

Location: From Fallgrim Tower’s bell, head through the pathway shown in the image below.

You’ll reach a giant tree with a lot of bats. From here, make a left.

In the next area, head to the right and crawl down the tunnel.

There’s a miniboss here named Ven Noctivagu, a Gollum-like monster.

Watch out for its regular attacks because of poison damage. Also, it’ll periodically leap on your character to bite him — hardening will counter this. Once Ven Noctivagu is dead, you can claim Tiel the Acolyte.


Tiel the Acolyte has extremely low durability/HP and resolve. However, these flaws are offset by the ridiculously high stamina stat.

Skills and perks:

UpgradeEffectTar CostGlimpse CostAccretion of EnduranceBonus damage when low on stamina5002Accretion of ForesightWill sometimes release a poison cloud on empowered riposte5002Accretion of Ascent20% chance to lose stamina instead of health when taking damage11008Accretion of YearningTaking poison damage heals you for the amount10006Accretion of DominanceOn killing an enemy, gain a buff that lets you poison enemies on hit; lose this buff when you’re hit11008Accretion of InheritanceHitting a poisoned enemy increases the chance that other passives will trigger250015Accretion of ResolveSprinting doesn’t consume stamina300020Recollection of StrengthPut enemies off-balance with a powerful kick10006Recollection of KnowledgeUse Harden in the air to create an AoE smash once you land; create a poison cloud if you hit an enemy after landing250015Recollection of DeathRegain “last chance” after defeating enough enemies400025

Tiel the Acolyte is probably the one I’ve used the most throughout my Mortal Shell playthroughs. That’s due to several reasons:

    The “vanish in smoke” dodge effect (seen above) has a faster animation compared to Harros’ or Solomon’s hopscotch routine.Higher stamina means being able to attack and dodge more often.Accretion of Resolve is great when you’re just traversing old locations or farming stuff.Accretion of Dominance and Inheritance synergize with each other due to the ability to poison enemies.Lastly, Accretion of Yearning is a godsend whenever you’re completing “Gland Runs” or when you’re exploring Fallgrim to find secret chests while the fog mechanic is active. Because the fog will spawn lots of Gollum-like mobs (similar to Ven Noctivagu), their poisonous melee attacks will heal you. Oh, you still take damage from the hit, but the poison DOT effect will be helpful.

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