Mortal Shell: Guides and features hub

Mortal Shell: Guides and features hub

Mortal Shell puts you in the shoes (or bare feet, rather) of the Foundling, a wayward character who seeks to leave a wretched realm. This indie Souls-like from Cold Symmetry promises furious melee combat, tough enemies, and flashy action. Here’s our guides and features hub to help you out.

Mortal Shell: Guides and features hubFeatures and general mechanics

Official review – Is this indie Souls-like worth your while? Find out in our official review.

Technical review – Graphics, audio, controls, and performance — how well does Mortal Shell run? Our technical review has you covered.

Beginner’s guide – You’re starting out on your journey as the Foundling. Here’s our beginner’s guide to help you with the gameplay mechanics, as well as combat and survival.

Exploration guide – Mortal Shell‘s Fallgrim zone has winding paths and tunnels will probably lead to some confusion. Our exploration guide helps you reach the Shrine of Ash, Seat of Infinity, and Crypt of Martyrs. You might even find some goodies along the way.

Items, vendors, and familiarity guide – There are several vendors that will aid you in Mortal Shell, but many of the items you obtain will remain a mystery.

Shell guides

Harros the Vassal – The first “shell” you obtain focuses on buffing up the hardening mechanic.

Tiel the Acolyte – This rogue/assassin attire will have you dodging and rolling to victory.

Solomon the Scholar – This tough-looking templar armor emphasizes the use of skills and enhanced ripostes via the resolve mechanic.

Eredrim the Venerable – Boasting a ton of health and not a lot of stamina, you’ll tank a lot of hits with equipment that’d make you look like a Bretonnian knight.

Weapon guides

Hallowed Sword – Mortal Shell‘s first obtainable weapon is a one-handed sword. It’s okay, I guess.

Hammer and Chisel – Rapid attacks and poisonous combos will turn your enemies into mincemeat.

Smoldering Mace – This gigantic mace is slow and cumbersome, but it packs quite a fiery punch.

Martyr’s Blade – This two-handed claymore lets you rip apart and freeze opponents.

The Ballistazooka – This ranged weapon lets you fire piercing bolts that can cause explosions.

Bosses and secrets

Secrets: Unlocking chests and the fog mechanic – There are chests scattered all over Fallgrim, but you’ll need to survive the fog to obtain rewards.

Crucix the Twiceborn – This Spartan-looking warrior has a parasitic twin attached to it.

Imrod the Unrepentant – This gargantuan creature wants to hammer you to death.

Tarsus the First Martyr – This spectral knight wants you to stay frosty.

New Game+ and the final boss – There’s a particular encounter in Mortal Shell that lets you finish your playthrough and start a New Game+ run.

Mortal Shell is available via the Epic Games Store.