MultiVersus is getting an arcade mode

MultiVersus is getting an arcade mode

The new and beloved platform fighter MultiVersus is getting a barrage of fun announcements after EVO 2022, with new characters and updates coming to the game. One of these updates is a new MultiVersus arcade mode, joining the classic Ranked game mode and bolstering the platform fighter’s content. During EVO 2022, Tony Huynh from Player First Games announced the forthcoming arcade mode as a part of the game’s season one, which has been delayed.

There’s no release date officially set for MultiVersus Season One yet. But we’re due to get a release date soon, which will also see the arrival of Rick and Morty. MultiVersus‘ arcade mode is expected to be similar to other arcade modes in the genre, featuring battles against AI-controlled opponents with varying difficulties. Arcade Mode is a staple for single-player content in fighting games, so this is a welcome addition to this free-to-play game.

Free-to-play arcade action

MultiVersus‘ first season will also feature a new battle pass with 50 tiers, which will follow a similar path found in the game’s alpha. While the battle pass may not receive the warmest reception, as some fans feel it does not offer enough content based on the time and effort required, it’s still an incentive to play the game. Rick and Morty, the two bombastic characters from Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty TV show, are also set to come to MultiVersus. While Morty was set to release tomorrow, unfortunately, the sci-fi pair will not be joining us soon due to a delay.

MultiVersus addressed this delay in a tweet, announcing a postponement of the start of Season One (again, without an official release date). Still, the game is fully playable and features a roster of entertaining characters, such as the newly released LeBron James (uh, the one from Space Jam). This free-to-play fighter is available to download on Steam now.