Necromunda: Underhive Wars – Classes, skills, and character creation guide

Necromunda: Underhive Wars – Classes, skills, and character creation guide

When creating your own custom gang and characters in Necromunda: Underhive Wars, you’re given the option of choosing from five different classes. Here’s our character creation and class guide to help you out.

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Necromunda: Underhive Wars – Character creation and classes guide

Many of the concepts have already been discussed in our previous Necromunda: Underhive Wars gang creation and houses guide. Moving forward, it’s time for us to take a look at the custom characters and their classes. Bear in mind that the five pre-determined classes in the game — Deadeye, Brawler, Heavy, Saboteur, and Lay-Mechanic — will still be available regardless of the house you chose, though there are some slight differences due to the stat boosts you receive.

Note: You can select pre-made characters for your gang or you can start from scratch. If you pick the latter, you can recruit fighters to your squad and you can also set their ranks/levels (the higher the level, the higher the cost in credits).

The leader

Before you can create the rest of your squad, you’ll first need to create a leader. The leader is a special type of character in Necromunda: Underhive Wars, one who has access to multiple squad-based buffs. Each squad you form in your gang requires a leader.

Examples of buffs include Heroic: Rally (removes all debuffs for all allies within range; increases stun and stress resistance), Heroic: Call to Arms (increases critical hit resistance of all allies within range), and Lead Through Pain (a self-buff that increases your defenses and evasion if the leader is gravely wounded). Don’t worry because leaders can still choose among any of the five classes.


Next, you’ll need to take a look at the traits of your created characters. There are three groupings with multiple options, though you can only select one from each grouping:

Physical TraitMental TraitMartial TraitResilient – +3 toughness/max toughnessClever – +3 intelligence/max intelligenceCalculated – +3 accuracy/max accuracyAthletic – +3 strength/max strengthCurious – +1 willpower/max willpower;

+1 intelligence/max intelligence;

+1 alertness/max alertness

Disciplined – +3 melee prowess/max melee prowessHealthy – +1 agility/max agility;

+1 strength/max strength;

+1 toughness/max toughness

Observant – +3 alertness/max alertnessFocused – +3 ranged aptitude/max ranged aptitudeAgile – +3 agility/max agilityStoic – +3 willpower/max willpowerProtean – +1 melee prowess/max melee prowess;

+1 ranged aptitude/max ranged aptitude;

+1 accuracy/max accuracy

From the get-go, you’ll realize that traits will greatly determine how you build your characters in Necromunda: Underhive Wars. Here are some examples:

    Brawler class (melee combat-focused) – Athletic or Resilient, Observant, and Disciplined.Deadeye class (ranged combat-focused/sniper) – Agile or Resilient, Clever, and Focused.

That brings us to the next topic of discussion, the classes themselves.

Deadeye class

    Role: SniperDefault weapon: LasgunSignature Skill: Ascension – 15 AP; uses the grapnel to reach higher areas on the battlefield; does not trigger ambush or overwatch.Career Skill 1: Grapnel Armor – +65% protection against all damage to the left arm.Career Skill 2: Mono-sight: -5 AP cost for overwatch.

Ideally, Deadeyes in Necromunda: Underhive Wars should have the highest ranged aptitude, accuracy, and intelligence stats. After all, even if a character is rarely getting hit, it’s next to useless if they’re a clumsy marksman.

Here are some active skills and passives you can pick up:

Active SkillPassive SkillField Scan – +25% ranged precision and bypass ranged evasionHeight Advantage – +15% ranged critical damage if you’re at a higher elevation than your targetsTrick Shot – Shoot twice using your weapon; can select up to two different targets; shots have a -15% hit chance penaltyRepositioning – -5 AP cost of Ascension and Jump after you shoot

Heavy class

    Role: Fire support and barricade destructionDefault weapon: AutocannonSignature Skill: Heavy Barrage – 30 AP; an overwatch-type skill where you lay down fire on all enemies that move for three meters within the affected zoneCareer Perk 1: Heavy Ordnance – +200% damage vs. destructible elements (i.e., barricades)Career Perk 2: Weapons Expert – -5 AP cost for Field Repair (fixes jammed weapons)

The Heavy class is actually decent to have in Necromunda: Underhive Wars due to its capabilities. Just remember that the autocannon can be quite atrocious in terms of accuracy, so make sure that you’re boosting that stat as well as ranged aptitude. One more thing: the Heavy class is restricted to having the either the Resilient or Athletic physical traits.

Anyway, some skills you can obtain include:

Active SkillPassive SkillShredding Frenzy – Attack three times with your weapon; can select up to three different targets; shots have a -50% hit chance penaltyReinforce – -15% AP cost of Shoot and Heavy Barrage after using Field Repair or Tune-upAura: Precision – +25% melee precision and ranged precision; lasts until the end of the battle or until the aura is changedHeavy-Footed – -15% AP cost of Shoot; -20 maximum movement points

Lay-Mechanic class

    Role: Utility support and builderDefault weapon: Rivet CannonSignature Skill: Tinker – 10 AP; repair health dispensers and ziplines; permanently shut down sabotaged control stationsCareer Perk 1: Servo-Arm – +45% protection against all damage to the left armCareer Perk 2: Strongarm – -5 AP cost for disengage

I find that the Lay-Mechanic class can be very beneficial in your Necromunda: Underhive Wars missions as long as the character has high initiative. Sure, they’re sort of a hybrid class in that they can fire their Rivet Cannon (medium range weapon) and then equip another weapon in their other hand, but they’re not powerhouses either way. As such, I have them scurrying around early in a mission to repair ziplines and health dispensers. These objects allow me to have improved control over the battlefield.

Here are some skills you can pick up:

Active SkillPassive SkillBuild: Health Dispenser – Creates a health dispenser that squadmates can use to recover 75 HPRevved Up – -5 AP cost of any build skill; activates after using Strike, Shoot, or Machine StrikeHydraulic Slam – A melee attack with the Servo-Arm; does +100% damage with 25% melee penetration and melee precisionMachine Spirit – +5% critical hit chance with active weapons; activates after using Field Repair, Reload, or Anointed Armaments; lasts 10 turns

Saboteur class

    Role: Grenadier and trapperDefault weapon: Dual FlamersSignature Skill: Sabotage – 10 AP; can disable ziplines and health dispensers; can rig a control station to create a hazard zone/trapCareer Perk 1: Explosive Bracing – +10% protection against impact damage to the torso, arms, and legsCareer Perk 2: Carrier – -5 AP cost for carrying objects

Think of the Saboteur class as that annoying fella in Necromunda: Underhive Wars that’ll just create obstacles on the map thanks to hazard zones and various traps that act as active skills. Still, I found the most use out of this class thanks to one of its skills — the Homemade ‘Nade — which can turn it into a grenade-lobbing machine.

Here are some skills you can grab:

Active SkillPassive SkillHomemade ‘Nade – Deals 33-45 damage to enemies within a five-meter radius; 1,000% damage to destructible elements; does not use up any grenade-type consumableChain Reaction – -5 AP cost of Homemade ‘Nade and any explosive consumable; activates after using Field RepairCryo-fog Capsule – Throwable grenade that causes -5 initiative and -5% damage absorption to all fighters in a five-meter radiusSeasoned Caution – -10 AP cost of Field Repair; activates after using Cryo-fog Capsule or any trap

Brawler class

    Role: Melee-focused combatantDefault weapon: Massive axeSignature Skill: Death from Above – 30 AP; jumps from an elevated height and crashes down on opponents; causes stun effect; can be a little wonky since the command might no longer be there on your next turnCareer Perk 1: Armguards – 45% protection against all damage to both armsCareer Perk 2: Vigilant – -5 AP cost for ambush (the melee-version of overwatch)

Brawlers are a bit iffy to use at times in Necromunda: Underhive Wars. Due to the way the combat flows, and considering all the mechanics involved, getting into the thick of the fray can be very risky. You’ll end up having to pump up several stats such as agility, toughness, and willpower (defensive purposes) and strength and melee prowess (offensive purposes). Alertness might even be important since it increases your initiative (you can take your turn before your opponents) and resistance to hits (so you’ll only receive a grazing blow instead of an actual hit).

Here are some skills you can obtain:

Active SkillPassive SkillChain Hit – Attack twice with your melee weapon; can choose up to two different targets; attacks have a -20% hit chance penaltyEnrage – After getting hit with a melee attack, reduce the cost of Strike by -5 AP; stacks up to two timesCharge – Rush a target; does not trigger stances; perform an attack with +25% crit chance and bypass melee evasion, but with a -10% hit chance penaltyVengeance – After getting hit with a ranged attack, gain +10% hit resistance; stacks up to three times

Necromunda: Underhive Wars is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.