New League of Legends champion, Nilah, abilities revealed

New League of Legends champion, Nilah, abilities revealed

League of Legends just saw the release of a new champion, Bel’Veth, but Riot Games isn’t one company to slow itself down. The world-famous MOBA is already getting a new character, and we already know her full kit and abilities. League of Legends‘ newest champion is Nilah, The Joy Unbound, and she’s the game’s next melee marksman. She’s already available to try out on the Public Beta Environment, so study up on her abilities to get a head start.

Nilah’s passive is Joy Unending. When Nilah last hits a minion, she and the nearest ally champion gains 50% of the experience normally lost from sharing with nearby allies. Additionally, when Nilah receives heals and shields from allied champions, Nilah also shares these buffs with nearby allies. This passive solidifies her role in the “Bottom” lane, encouraging players to pair her with strong Enchanter supports.

A brand new champion

Her Q ability is Formless Blade. The first of her abilities comes with a passive that causes Nilah’s attacks and abilities to ignore some of their armor, while also healing Nilah for some of the damage dealt. This effect increases with crit chance and can overheal by giving Nilah a shield. Her Q’s active strikes in a line, damaging all enemies hit. When her Q successfully hits, Nilah’s attack range and attack speed will increase for a few seconds.

Her W ability is Jubliant Veil, unveiling her in a mist that increases her movement speed, reduces incoming magic damage, and allows her to dodge all basic attacks. When Nilah touches an ally champion, she will grant her ally the same bonuses for half the duration. Meanwhile, her E ability is Slipstream. Nilah dashes through a target, damaging all the enemies she passes through. Nilah has two charges of Slipstream at once.

Finally, her R ability is Apotheosis. Nilah spins her weapon around, dealing damage and pulling enemies towards the center. This damage will heal Nilah for some of the damage dealt and will convert excess healing into a shield. This healing and shielding also scales with critical strike chance and can be shared with allies. Check out League of Legends‘ newest champion, Nilah, in a new gameplay trailer below.