New Legends of Runeterra champion Nocturne revealed today

New Legends of Runeterra champion Nocturne revealed today

Today we got a look at yet another champion joining the game for the Call of the Mountain expansion coming at the end of the month. This champion is a little different than what we have seen in the past few reveals and even has a brand new ability tied to its support. So let’s take a look at the newest Legends of Runeterra champion Nocturne, and what he brings to the table.

Nocturne is a 4 drop 5/3 with the Fearsome ability. He also has a new ability being added to the game, Nightfall. Cards with Nightfall get a bonus if it was not the first card played in a round. Nocturne’s Nightfall ability reads “Grant an enemy Vulnerable and give enemies -1/-0 for the round.” Nocturne levels up when you attack with at least 5 allies with the Nightfall keyword.

Nocturne’s leveled up form becomes a 6/4 and retains the Fearsome ability. His effect now reads “All allies have Fearsome. When you play a unit, give enemies -1/-0 this round. This ability should stack, meaning the more allies you play, the more debuffs you can give your opponent’s forces. So cards that summon multiple allies at once like Silverwing Vanguard could be very effective with Nocturne.

Champions that go bump in the night

Nocturne’s champion spell is Nocturne’s Unspeakable Horror, a 2 drop fast spell with the following effect: “Drain 1 from anything. Shuffle a Nocturne into your deck. Nightfall: Create a random Nightfall card in hand.” Obviously this card is great for supporting Nocturne’s playstyle, and is excellent on defense to get rid of a pesky attacker. It is also playable on offense to give your attacker that extra point it needs to make the kill.

The rest of today’s reveals are all spell cards. First up is Stalking Shadows, a 2 drop burst spell with the effect, “Pick a follower from the top 4 cards in your deck. Draw it, shuffle the rest into your deck, then create an ephemeral copy in hand.” This spell not only lets you grab a follower, but also create a copy of it that can fuel Nocturne’s leveled up ability and give all enemies -2/-0 for the round.

Next is a 1 drop burst spell titled Shrouds of Darkness. This card says the next time you summon an ally this round, give it +1/+0 and Spellshield for the round. This card is great for Nightfall-based strategies. This can either protect the first card in your Nightfall chain, or it will grant additional buffs to cards with Nightfall played later in the turn. This is an easy 3 of in any deck running Nocturne or just a heavy Nightfall lineup.

Spooky scary wraiths send shivers down your spine

Lastly, we have Risen Mists, a 4 drop burst speed spell that lets you summon a Mistwraith straight to the field. Now considering you need other Mistwraith cards to really take advantage of this ability, I would have to imagine that we will see more Mistwraith support. At the very least maybe more copy cards to take advantage of Mistwraith and Nocturne’s abilities.

Previews will continue until The Call of the Mountain expansion and the newest Legends of Runeterra champion Nocturne release next week on August 26.