New Siege trailer shows off Operation Neon Dawn’s Aruni and robot arm

New Siege trailer shows off Operation Neon Dawn’s Aruni and robot arm

With Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege still going strong, you bet that support for the tactical shooter will continue for the foreseeable future. Players have been duking it out for a while with smaller changes like a reworked Tachanka, but the new stuff is finally here. Operation Neon Dawn begins at 8 AM ET on December 1, and with it comes the new Operator Aruni. The new defender certainly can hold her own in Rainbow Six Siege, but if you were wondering about her cool-as-hell robot arm, a new Operation Neon Dawn trailer has you covered.

The animated trailer seemingly has it all. Explosive action, crashes, and plenty of regrets. At least Aruni seems okay with her new robotic addition.

If you are less concerned about her origins, and more about her practical uses, Ubisoft has detailed that as well. As part of her arsenal, Aruni can deploy indestructible laser walls. These will make any attacker think twice about passing through, but Aruni can move through them as she pleases. Furthermore, if there is a regular wall in the way, Aruni will not need to waste her bullets to make holes. Instead, she can punch through them for a good look.

Lending you a hand

Operation Neon Dawn will also include a rework for the Skyscraper map in Rainbow Six Siege. This will help to balance gameplay and make navigation easier for everyone. Operators Jager, Hibana, and Echo will also see some tweaks to their abilities. Defenders will also have less time to run around outside, and will be detected more quickly.

If you have been looking for more Operators to purchase, you are in luck. There will be decreases for seven Operators with the arrival of the new season. Other changes to gameplay and balancing are also being implemented. The full update notes explain it all.

For those worried about storage space, do note that Operation Neon Dawn will be larger than usual. However, once it is installed, the game will take up less space overall.

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