New Sims 4 update has tons of glitches, including rapid aging and incest

New Sims 4 update has tons of glitches, including rapid aging and incest

Yeesh, this is not a good time to be a sim in the world of Sims 4. After the latest update, which added tons of new features including updated wants & fears and sexual orientation options, some glitches have been running rampant in the game. Pretty major glitches at that, with some sims rapidly aging from toddlers to elders and family members going on dates with each other. That’s a pretty drastic way to break Sims 4 with glitches and bugs.

Players online on Reddit have noticed the big glitchy elephant in the room, where family members are looking to get romantic with each other. This is pretty odd to look at and think about, especially when elderly mothers make a move on their sons.

The next big bug is a little less drastic, but still annoying, as players are reporting that sims are aging up incredibly quickly — sometimes as fast as 10 minutes. Sims can even die at a faster rate due to this bug, which can obviously be pretty sad if you have a close connection with your sims.

It’s a buggy life for a Sim

Luckily, the aging bug seems to have a quick temporary fix, although it may lessen some of the immersion. The aging bug reportedly will not go into effect if you simply turn the aging feature off in-game, with the official Twitter account recommending players use the normal or “default” lifespan instead. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a fix like this exists currently for the reverse Oedipus complex running rampant through the game.

The developers are looking to quickly patch these Sims 4 glitches out of the game, with one developer confirming they are aware of the incest bug and are looking to fix it as soon as possible. Hopefully, this gets patched soon, and players won’t have to think about… these dark things.