New survival game Serum announced by Toplitz Productions with a new trailer

New survival game Serum announced by Toplitz Productions with a new trailer

Those who eagerly wish to play a new survival game with an emphasis on time pressure may want to check out the reveal trailer for Serum. Developed by Game Island, Serum whisks players into a narrative-focused survival adventure that, according to a press release, “falls somewhere between Bioshock, The Forest and Green Hell.” Just recently, the German-Austrian studio Toplitz Productions announced its role as the game’s publisher, and it certainly seems quite enthusiastic about this opportunity. For the time being, Toplitz plans to release Serum sometime during the end of next year, so it will take quite some time before players can experience it.

Serum’s Steam page briefly describes the game’s story, which kicks off with your character waking up in a mysterious maze. Immediately, you’re injected with an unknown green substance that “turn[s] your thoughts and your life upside down.” As bad as this sounds, this substance, the titular Serum, will serve as an essential component of player survival. Of course, the Serum comes with some dangerous side effects, so use it carefully while searching for a way out.

Time is of the essence

To succeed in Serum, you must keep track of their health and stamina before time catches up with them. Along the way, you’ll gain access to all kinds of new abilities and tools, which include Serum-enhanced weapons and different kinds of Serum. Additionally, the game will task you with solving environmental puzzles, crafting valuable equipment, and constructing safe houses to gather your bearings.

The CEOs of both Game Island and Toplitz Productions expressed enthusiasm over their partnership and the ways in which Serum will benefit from it. Hopefully, the apparently positive experiences of the creators will translate into a positive experience for players. Both companies will slowly introduce more information about the game until the final release date arrives.