New Torchlight III trailer focuses on classes, companions & much more

New Torchlight III trailer focuses on classes, companions & much more

Torchlight III will leave Steam Early Access in just a few days and finally make its official launch. While the Early Access reviews were mixed and it remains to be seen just how Echtra Games will turn things around, a new Torchlight III trailer has been released to remind us of its release. It seems there is plenty of content to look forward to, as it highlights the different classes, relics, pets, and forts that await.

The action-RPG’s visual identity is clear, taking a more cartoony look at things typically characterized by doom and despair. Aspiring adventurers can attempt to make the frontier their own. Together with friends, you can battle monsters, explore dungeons, and of course, gather the best loot you can find. There are four classes to choose from, with a variety of combinations that will give you a unique playstyle. It will be up to you to decide how you want to play.

A well of depth

The Torchlight III trailer also shows more. Relics will expand your options, granting both active and passive skills that can dramatically affect your hero. Choose wisely. There are also plenty of Epic Gear to look forward to, with armor and weapons made for each class. With over 100 Legendary items up for grabs, you will need to make them your own and harnesses their special abilities. Even without friends, you can count on your trusty pet. Get their gear, teach them new skills, and as a team, eliminate your enemies.

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When all is said and done, retreat back to your fort. The rebuilding is on, as your home is where you can upgrade gear, hang out, and add in your personal touch with both major and minor renovations. Show off your conquests by constructing monuments of power, house your companions in grand stables, and much more.

Torchlight III is currently available on Steam for $30 USD. Once it leaves Early Access, the price will be bumped up to $40 USD.