New trailer for Tennis World Tour 2 showcases new features

New trailer for Tennis World Tour 2 showcases new features

As long as there have been videogames there have been tennis games. From the very early days with Pong, to titles headlined by Mario or Sonic, and through the glory days of games such as Virtua Tennis or Top Spin. Things then went quiet on the tennis game front. However, in recent years we have seen their return with AO Tennis and Tennis World Tour facing off against each other. Tomorrow sees the release of Tennis World Tour 2 and to entice more gamers to pick up their virtual rackets, the game’s publisher, Nacon, has just released a new trailer for Tennis World 2.

Second serve

The new video starts by showcasing the gameplay improvements including the new hitting mechanics. Balls will now react differently depending on the surface that you’re playing (how was this not a feature in the first game). It then proceeds to focus on the new career mode. They highlight the character creation options as well as talking about the ability to hire or fire staff and gain sponsors. The card system returns and claims to be “more tactical and more focused on gameplay.” The video closes by talking about the enhancements made to the multiplayer side of the game. Online play now includes doubles matches as well as a ranked mode for singles matches. You can check out the Tennis World 2trailer below.

All of this looks quite enticing if you are a fan of games based on racquet sports. Of course, as with any game, it all comes down to gameplay though. And if you want to know what that is like in Tennis World Tour 2 you are going to want to check out our review of the game.

Tennis World Tour 2 is scheduled to launch tomorrow for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with a Nintendo Switch version arriving on 15th October.