No Pajamas During Online Learning, School Says — Is That Right?

No Pajamas During Online Learning, School Says — Is That Right?

The Springfield School District in Illinois has banned students from wearing pajamas during their online classes at home.

According to the newly released guidelines for the upcoming academic year, the students participating in remote learning are required to follow the regular school dress code.

They are not supposed to wear pajamas, slippers, sweatbands, hats, caps, sunglasses, etc., the handbook states.

The academic year in all the 33 schools in the district starts on Aug. 31. The district decided to roll out a hybrid model of two days in school buildings and three remote learning days. Parents can also opt for full-time distance learning.

While some parents welcomed the news arguing that dressing up for remote classes will foster structure and route for kids staying at home, others disagreed.

Some parents opined that social distancing is enough burden for children, and they do not need stricter rules on how to get dressed for online classes.

Others highlighted that many families are financially struggling due to job losses and might be challenging to provide new clothes for the school year.

An angry father wrote on Facebook that the district is not supposed to worry about what his children are wearing at home.

School board member Judith Ann Johnson said that nicely dressed people tend to perform better. However, after public criticism, the

The school district issued a statement saying that it has no plans to enforce the regular school dress code for remote learners strictly.

The school district noted that students are expected to approach remote learning the same way as they would in a regular classroom setting. However, they said they do not mean prescribing what children wear at home during their online classes. If the teachers have any remarks about clothing, they will turn to the parents individually, according to the statement.

Most of the nation’s largest school districts are planning to start the new year entirely online to ensure proper social distancing between students.

New York City, the nation’s largest school district plans to open schools on Sept. 10, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday. However, he leaves the ultimate decision on reopening to the local authorities, depending on the health situation.

New York’s coronavirus infection rate is about 1%, but mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that schools could reopen if it is below 3%.

What do you think? Do you support or oppose the ban for wearing pajamas while studying from home?