Nvidia shows off new Watch Dogs: Legion screens with ray tracing on

Nvidia shows off new Watch Dogs: Legion screens with ray tracing on

It was only about a week ago that Nvidia revealed the RTX 30 Series of graphics cards. That was of course following would-be leaks of the hardware capabilities for the new ray-tracing GPUs. With Watch Dogs: Legion poised to make an appearance at Ubisoft’s Forward digital press conference, it only seems fitting for Nvidia to bolster the event with some RTX enabled screens for the game.

Nvidia has continued promoting its RTX branded cards, showcasing screens with ray-tracing enabled. Thus far, we’ve seen upcoming games like Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, and now Watch Dogs: Legion all get the fancy lighting upgrade. The RTX 20 Series of cards -2060/2070/2080- launched back in the tail end of 2018. Anyone paying close attention to the hardware reveals will know that puts the new generation of RTX cards right on schedule with the RTX 30 Series launch.

Back from the delay

Watch Dogs: Legion seems like the right fit for the RTX treatment. It was only earlier this year that we learned about a delay for the quasi-open world hacking title based in jolly old London, England. However, it was only recently announced that purchasing a 30 Series of Nvidia RTX cards would also earn you a copy of Watch Dogs: Legion, along with a year of GeForce Now. Looking back on the delay, which COVID obviously hasn’t helped in its development, we can see more and more of the writing on the wall. That is the addition of ray-tracing for the game being in-line with the Nvidia reveal, plus the consideration for the next-generation of consoles sporting similar hardware capabilities.

For those looking for more on Watch Dogs: Legion and what Ubisoft has to offer, don’t skip out on the Ubisoft Forward presentation coming on September 9 at 12 PM PST. Games like Rainbow Six Siege and Immortals: Fenyx Rising should make an appearance. You can probably bet Nvidia RTX GPUs will find a way to weasel their way into the presentation, too.