Olympic Games in Tokyo Begin With a Spectacular Ceremony

Olympic Games in Tokyo Begin With a Spectacular Ceremony

The 32nd Olympic Games have officially started today, with a fantastic ceremony in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

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Even though these Games begin in a very tense atmosphere, with odd circumstances all present because of the COVID-19 virus, the sports fans around the world are thrilled to see the biggest event in the world finally kicking off.

Tokyo welcomed the world’s best athletes for the second time in its history. Exactly 57 years ago, back in 1964, the capital of Japan hosted its first Olympics. Threes planted back then were used for carving out the Olympic logo that took the central place in today’s manifestation.

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The Japanese team took the stage first, led by Yui Susaki and Rui Hachimura, who carried the flag. After the hosts, the tradition is that the Greek team enters the stadium second, which was exactly what happened today.

Team USA was the last crew to hit the stage. Sue Bird took the US flag, and the American team is the biggest one at these Olympics, with 613 athletes in 35 sports.

In the end, the fantastic light show closed the opening ceremony, with 1800 drones flying over Tokyo, making one of the most epic scenes ever in the history of the Olympics. This was something worth watching.

The situation in Tokyo is not good at all, and it seems that these Games might be one of the worst ever when it comes to all the off-field matters. The latest news that hit the media headlines is that the organizers didn’t provide enough COVID-19 tests and that the virus has already entered the Olympic village.

If that turns out to be the case and the infection starts spreading around, it might cause unimaginable consequences.

Also, just before the ceremony, demonstrators appeared near the venue and in some parts of the city, protesting against the Olympic Games. They are claiming that hosting such a big event could endanger the residents, making their lives much tougher due to all the security measures imposed.

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COVID-19 started to strike hard upon Tokyo these days, and right now, the number of newly infected cases on daily basis is the highest since the start of the calendar year. The Japanese government is trying to keep everything under control, but things aren’t going as planned for now. It is why many fear that this Olympic could face even more adversity as time goes by.