Overwatch 2 developers will continue to work on and update Mercy and Moira

Overwatch 2 developers will continue to work on and update Mercy and Moira

Mercy and Moira are two hands of the same coin — both healers, both in an Overwatch 2 identity crisis. During the last Overwatch 2 beta, Moira and Mercy received some reworks to put them more in line with the fast-paced nature of the game. However, their reworks received less than stellar feedback, especially as some fans found issues that should have been caught in testing. Activision Blizzard won’t give up on changing these heroes, however, with the developers confirming they will continue to update both Moira and Mercy as Overwatch 2 develops.

Moira’s Necrotic Orb replaced her well-known Damage Biotic Orb in Overwatch 2, firing a straight-moving projectile that explodes when it impacts on an enemy or environment. This projectile inflicted low damage, but added the “Weakened” effect on enemies hit, which reduced the damage they dealt by 75% for 4 seconds. Ironically, this made Moira more passive to play, as explained in the Overwatch 2 blog post. The developers stated this decreased the amount of “cool stuff happening,” leading them to revert the changes altogether.

Guardian angel training

Meanwhile, Mercy received a major change to her Guardian Angel ability, which lets her to fly toward allies. A well-known bug that occurred during Guardian Angel is the super jump. It allowed Mercy to leap high in the sky while moving to allies, which became a core part of her gameplay. The developers intended to make this feature a part of her kit in Overwatch 2, to mixed results. The new Guardian Angel forced Mercy players to jump to the conclusion of the ability, creating a clunky and forced playstyle.

The developers are testing a new version of this ability that will include new directional control while also allowing players to super jump. Developers are still listening to player feedback and stated that more information about the next beta test is coming soon.