Panzer Dragoon: Remake will fly on PC “soon” according to developer

Panzer Dragoon: Remake will fly on PC “soon” according to developer

This year has been a roller coaster for many different reasons. It’s easy to forget certain bits of news that fell through the cracks before the lamest apocalypse ever began in March. (Seriously, no zombies or even a Mad Max car in sight) But sure enough, earlier this year a remake of the Sega Saturn classic Panzer Dragoon was released on the Nintendo Switch titled, appropriately, Panzer Dragoon: Remake. We knew it was on the way to PC, but we didn’t know when. However, it sounds like news on its release date is just around the corner.

The game scored moderately well among critics but for the most part flew under the radar. Today, the developer of the game, MegaPixel Studio, finally spoke up after announcing the port in October last year. As you can see from the tweet below, no specific date was given other than a vague “soon.” It also revealed the game will head to GOG along with Steam.

Take flight again, again

The last news we heard from the franchise was back in June when it was announced that a VR game was coming from development studio Wildman. Titled Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record, the game will contain three episodes, each being a port of the original three games in full VR. That means Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Panzer Dragoon Saga. The first two sound great for VR, but I am not sure how great a VR RPG sounds. I think it is a safe bet to say that most everybody just wants a full HD remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga more than anything else.

Before the news on the VR game, however, we learned the developer was overhauling the game prior to its PC debut. The remake will include a 60fps option, reworked audio, and loads of quality-of-life changes. Check out the Steam page for more info.