Pochahontas Voice Actress Irene Bedard Nabbed Twice By The Police In 72 Hours

Pochahontas Voice Actress Irene Bedard Nabbed Twice By The Police In 72 Hours

TMZ was the first to report this week that Irene Bedard, the voice actress who portrayed “Pochahontas” in the classic Disney film, has been arrested twice in a row in just 72 hours. The outlet claims Irene was apprehended by the authorities on Friday after the police went to her home over reports of domestic violence.

The phone call was made in relation to an incident between herself and her ex-husband at his Ohio home. When they arrived at the scene of the alleged crime, officers discovered that the 53-year-old voice actress was grasping a belt.

According to TMZ, Bedard joked that they had “sent the white man” to get her when the police arrived at the scene. Additionally, the outlet claims the actress was clearly drunk at the time of her arrest. Her ex-husband says she kicked him after she yelled at their teenage son.

According to the police, she continued with her belligerent behavior, kicking, screaming, and yelling as they dragged her into the vehicle. Her son never pressed charges against her, but she was detained on other domestic violence charges including resisting arrest and more.

Unfortunately for Irene, her problems didn’t stop there. She was arrested by the police just a couple of days later for disorderly conduct. The actress was at a hotel where it was reported that she was harassing the employees working at the front desk.

As it was noted above, Irene Bedard is most known for portraying Pochahontas in the 1995 Disney animated classic of the same name. Irene even served as the model for the character. Irene has portrayed a number of native American women in films, including in Smoke Signals, the 1998 film in which she portrayed Suzy Song.

In 2012, Bedard worked on Sleeping Lady Films as well as Waking Giants Productions. Bedard married Denny Wilson in 1993, and during their marriage, they had one child together named Quinn Wilson, who was born in 2003.

Later, it was revealed by Bedard’s niece that Wilson was abusing her in their marriage, and barred her from working on certain projects unless he gave her permission. They divorced in 2012.