Porsha Williams Pampers Herself This Weekend – See Her Message

Porsha Williams Pampers Herself This Weekend – See Her Message

Porsha Williams told her fans that for her, weekend vibes are all about pampering. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

‘Weekend vibes means pampering time ✨ We have been working so hard to get your favorite colors restocked and I have some good news!! We have our WHITE SHEETS RESTOCKED!!! Get yours today before they are gone! @pamperedbyporsha,’ Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Just got mine in the mail can’t wait to try them out! Fast and easy shipping!’

A followewr posted this: ‘@porsha4real just received my sheets in the mail and they are AWESOME. better than the @potterybarn sheets I had before that cost three times as much. thanks so much!! 💜’

Someone else wrote: ‘Yass! I know thats right!!! Thank you for sharing this Porscha. Have a blessed Labor Day weekend!’ and a commenter said: ‘Is this hair from your collection? @porsha4real.’

Porsha also brought up Breonna Taylor’s case again.

Someone said: ‘I love your posts – but can you please post about the importance of voting these FOOLS out of office who don’t support BLM!!! You have so many followers who need to make sure to VOTE and have their voices heard!!!’

A commenter posted this: ‘I hate to be negative but even her boyfriend said she was awake and they both were in the hall way, when the shots were fired.’

One follower wrote: ‘But yet a lot of black women are voting for trump help me with that.’

A commenter posted this message: ‘Lies. I live in Louisville. She was fired from being an EMT for stealing drugs way before this. She never worked on the frontlines of anything. Doesn’t change the fact she was ACCIDENTALLY killed when her( one of two) boyfriends shoots at the door & the police after they knocked and announced themselves. It was a no knock warrant BUT THEY KNOCKED! Soooooooo…… BLM however get your facts straight. Not everyone is a good candidate for a movement.’

A fan said: ‘I don’t understand why they are walking around as if NOTHING happened with Breonna. Clearly, we have two justice systems. I pray justice will be served for Breonna. Bless you, for using your platform for this.’

Porsha Williams showed her fans the latest obsession that she has. Check out the message and the photo she dropped on social media.