Portal and My Friend Pedro skins could be on their way to Fall Guys

Portal and My Friend Pedro skins could be on their way to Fall Guys

Fall Guys adds skins to its shop on a daily rotation, and there could be a couple more licensed offerings available in the coming weeks. On PC, we’ve already seen Valve get in on the action with Half Life and Team Fortress themed skins. Now, a datamine has revealed that more could be coming from Valve, namely a Portal character skin for Fall Guys. Based on Chell from Portal, HypexFG on Twitter shows us the set, along with what could be coming from My Friend Pedro. Both would be pretty neat additions to Fall Guys.

Now, these are only leaks at the minute and should be treated as rumor. However, with Valve already teaming up with Fall Guys, the Portal skin makes sense. My Friend Pedro was also released by the same publisher as Fall Guys, Devolver Digital, so that skin is likely too. The Chell skins are set to be the store item on PC for September 3, with My Friend Pedro arriving three days later. The My Friend Pedro skins will also release for PS4.

The rise of Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a party game that’s taken the gaming world by storm. It’s climbed the Steam charts since its launch earlier this month, becoming a Twitch phenomenon in the meantime. The mix of multiplayer party modes and battle royale elimination in an online, game show format has been a recipe for success. It has hit some server problems along the way, but its popularity isn’t dying off just yet.

We’ve posted some nifty guides for those of you looking to get into Fall Guys. The Hex-A-Gone is one of Fall Guys‘ most tense final modes, and we have a guide for mastering it. There’s plenty of obstacle courses in the game too, and we show you how to be successful in those. Hopefully, we see Chell hit the Fall Guys store soon.